Need Qualified Leads for Your Business? Try CPA

When you need to get more qualified leads for your business, giving CPA or Cost Per Action advertising a try may be a wise decision. Many direct response advertisers believe CPA is the best way to buy online advertising, because you pay for the ad only when the desired action has occurred. An action can be a product being purchased, a form being filled out, a sign up to newsletters, surveys being submitted, signing up for a free sample, etc. The desired action to be performed is determined by you as the advertiser.

Strategic Internet Marketing Guideline

A lot of online businesses run some unprofitable websites
or businesses with no short or long term strategies. Some
people do not have any goals, while some seem to jump from
one ‘business opportunity’ to another.

Some internet marketers treat their internet marketing business
like a hobby, and yet expect to earn some good checks from it.

To succeed in internet marketing, you need to apply some
strategic internet marketing techniques.

Depending on your internet marketing interests; it is a good
idea to engage in a business that has a long term
potential, which means that you will need to have long term
goals with the business.

Mobile Marketing Magic Using Text Messaging

Mobile marketing magic using text messaging brings customers to your door.

Think about this a minute:
When you leave your home what do you ALWAYS grab before heading out the door?
You grab your wallet, your keys and your CELL PHONE.

  • Over 250 million Americans carry a cell phone…that’s over 80% of the population in this nation.
  • It’s estimated that by 2012 over 10 trillion text messages will be sent globally.
  • Customer time spent on mobile devices is rising faster than the time spent on any other form of media.

Shoals Online Advertising

Shoals Online Advertising is your best source for website design, website analysis, search engine optimization, social media marketing , SMS and mobile website design and promotion and we proudly serve small businesses all throughout West Central Wisconsin and East Central Minnesota.

Shoals Online Advertising is about getting your business or service in front of the people who are searching for your product or service right now!

Did you know that more people use an internet search engine than they do the yellow pages or newspaper classifieds to search for a local business or service that they need?

Optimizing for Google Places

How to Optimize a Google Places Local Business Listing

Google Places, formerly Google Local, is easily the most powerful free marketing tool available to local businesses. Introduced in March 2004, Google Local displays local business information at the top of many of Google’s organic search results accompanied by a map. As of June 2010, Google Places listings consist of 1, 3 or 7 businesses for most searches. Considering that most localized searches provide millions of organic search results, showing in the top 7 of Google Places can be invaluable to a business.