Mobile Marketing Magic Using Text Messaging

Mobile marketing magic using text messaging brings customers to your door.

Think about this a minute:
When you leave your home what do you ALWAYS grab before heading out the door?
You grab your wallet, your keys and your CELL PHONE.

  • Over 250 million Americans carry a cell phone…that’s over 80% of the population in this nation.
  • It’s estimated that by 2012 over 10 trillion text messages will be sent globally.
  • Customer time spent on mobile devices is rising faster than the time spent on any other form of media.
  • Text messaging online gets 7 to 10 times the response rate of an email and has an astounding 97% response rate. The speed in which a text message is opened and read is usually much faster than an email, occurring within the first few minutes, as opposed to an email which might take a few days to read, if opened at all.
  • Text messaging has a proven ROI of over 20% and has the power to double local business sales.

Mobile marketing magic happens when you use text messaging.

This IS the future of advertising your local business and there is no other way as effective in bringing customers through your door.

CLICK HERE to watch a short video on how Mobile Magic Marketing with Text Messaging can work for YOUR BUSINESS.

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“If local businesses don’t start using mobile marketing with text messaging they are going to fall behind and their competitors will get all the magic this advertising media will bring.”


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