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Shoals Online Advertising is your best source for website design, website analysis, search engine optimization, social media marketing , SMS and mobile website design and promotion and we proudly serve small businesses all throughout West Central Wisconsin and East Central Minnesota.

Shoals Online Advertising is about getting your business or service in front of the people who are searching for your product or service right now!

Did you know that more people use an internet search engine than they do the yellow pages or newspaper classifieds to search for a local business or service that they need?

Yes it is true! Think about it. When is the last time you used the phone book or had the time to search through the Times Daily or Courier Journal?

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Look at the recent trends!

68% of the population between the ages of 18 to 55 carry an iPod, Droid or

Blackberry. Often spur of the moment searches for local businesses are

performed on their portable communications device or a personal laptop.

The problem most local businesses face with website marketing exposure

is the shear size and scope of the internet.

Your business website often gets

buried too deep in the search engine listings to be found if they can even

be found there at all!

The larger corporations pay huge pay per click fees in

order to dominate the best broad search engine keywords. Online

advertising for local business requires a different approach.

How Do Your Customers Find You?

Since more and more prospective customers are searching for your local

business online it just makes more sense to target those in your own geo-

specific area than to target on a broad spectrum of terms.

Targeting your local customers requires your understanding of their

online behaviors. Knowing how they are trying to find you will allow you to

structure your online presence in a way that will allow your site to be found.

Localized search engine optimization allows you to reach out to these

potential customers. They are looking for you now!

We want to help them be

able to find you.

Common Problems For Local Websites

If you are like most locally based businesses that have ventured onto the

world wide web to gain more business exposure, you probably purchased a

basic website from a local web design firm or have tackled web design


You expected immediate results (more new customers) and you

were disappointed with the lack of traffic to your website.

Why does this happen?

Because many times every aspect of your web

development, advertising campaign and search engine optimization were

built the wrong way.

Your website was designed to look good, but nine times out of ten your

website is not designed with search engine optimization in mind.

When your website is not designed around SEO concepts,

it is often times never even

picked up by the search engines at all.

Why choose Shoals Online Advertising?

Shoals Online Advertising understands the dynamics

of a successful local search engine optimization campaign.

Our team has a combined 11 years of

SEO experience.

We have a deep understanding of how the search engine

algorithms work and how websites get ranked.

Can you imagine being on the first page of Google search with a keyword that some companies pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to establish?

That’s right!

We will get you listed in the front pages of Google in your local

area with even the hardest keywords that you can imagine.

Keywords which

other business owners are paying $1 to $10 per click for!

If you need more business and more customers

and you need them now

then call us for more “pressure-free” information.

We offer online advertising solutions that will

fit your marketing budget and bring you the customers you need.

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